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I'm Marco Bitran your host at Marco Foods India. Born in Brazil, I currently live in the Boston area. I'm married to Devorah Bitran and have two young children named Isaac and Dalia.
I'm a passionate blogger and love to write and share my knowledge on different niches including food recipes, aviation, soccer and much more.

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I hold a Science degree in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Economics from Massachusetts institute of technology and Master in Business Administration degree from Harvard business school.

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In 2011, Marco Bitran, along with two business partners, founded AI Exchange, Inc. in Boston. Massachusetts. Bitran was able to raise $1.5 million in startup capital from several of the industry’s top investment funds, including Common Angels, Founder Collective, General Catalyst, and LaunchCapital. The company, with Marco as the Chief Executive Officer, aims to bring liquidity and transparency to investment clients and advisers. In his position as CEO, Marco designed technology that have advisers the ability to access alternative investment strategies.AI Exchange was founded to improve transparency for clients in alternative investments. The company developed a cloud-based technology which allowed clients to view their investments in real-time. Clients using the AI Exchange platform kept custody of their assets and were able to invest at any minimum level. See more at:

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India is known for its rich and spicy food. The Indian cuisine is a platform where there is scope for lot of innovation and creativity. Marco Bitran presents the culinary journey. Given most Indians are natural cooks the few that are not have gone one step ahead and gotten into the digital space to learn and start their cooking journey with fellow food enthusiasts. We share the best Indian recipes here at Macro Foods India to give you the support in your endeavor.

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Handi Paneer Recipe

A tempting dish of paneer masala is something no one can ever resist! Here is a flavourful recipe of Handi Paneer, complete with a host of spices along with tomatoes and onions laced paneer. Pair this delectable paneer dish with some hot and piping parathas to treat your family a palatable dinner or lunch. Ingredients […]


Seviyan Kheer Recipe

With a festive vibe around, there is no better way to celebrate it by indulging into mouthwatering delicacies like Seviyan. Vermicelli or seviyan cooked with milk, cardamom, nuts and sugar to make a thick and delicious Kheer. An easy recipe to prepare at home and serve at the dinner party. Ingredients 70 gms vermicelli 25 […]


Bhindi fry recipe

Bhindi fry recipe, a simple, healthy everyday North Indian style okra dry saute that’s perfect as a side for rice and chapati and its vegan too Always wash and pat dry the bhindi before you chop it. Chop the top and tail ends of each bhindi/okra. Cut okra into 1″ pieces and spread out on […]